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Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Deadly Crash, Motorcyclist Killed |

Motorcyclist Killed Due To DUI Driver

Motorcyclist Killed Due To DUI Driver

In Irwindale,CA, a motorcyclist was killed and a driver of the car, who caused the collision between these two vehicles and he was suspected of driving under influence last Friday.

Police officials released a written statement where they said that crash occurred at Longden and Myrtle avenue around 9:15 p.m.

The identity of motorcycle rider was unknown on Saturday morning because the authorities are still waiting for the notification from the family. It is only stated that he was 29 years.

Sargent George Zendejas said that rider of motorcycle had 2009 Yamaha, while the alleged driver under influence was driving 2008 Chevy Malibu. Zendejas stated that two drivers crashed at the intersection. For more information check this out. Motorcycle rider was going north on Myrtle and the Malibu and he attempted to turn from Myrtle to Longdenavenue.
Paramedics arrived shortly and took severely injured motorcycle rider to Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center and official stated that he died shortly after that.
Police released a statement that while they were conducting an investigation, driver of the car who caused the accident was driving under influence.
Pamela Ramirez, age of 23, residence of Baldwin Park, suffered minor injuries and after she was taken care of, she was detained. Ramirez is suspected of driving under influence and causing a vehicular manslaughter, she was taken to Glendora Police Department’s jail.


Police said that case is still under investigation and the real cause will be determined later. Based on Los Angeles County booking records, Ramirez was set a bail of 100,000 dollars and her hearing is appointed in Tuesday in West Covina Superior Court.

Any witnesses or anyone who has any kind of information, relevant to the case, may freely contact Irwindale police department and Sargent Greg Gomez at 626-130-2245.
California has strict laws regarding DUI, but drivers who are involved in this type of offenses should seek a help.