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Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Deadly Crash |

Deadly Crash In Sacramento, DUI Driver Arrested

Deadly Crash In Sacramento, DUI Driver Arrested

In Sacramento, California, a driver has been arrested for DUI charges. The crash involved two vehicles as the police stated.

An accident happened just after midnight on Monday and took place near Northgate Boulevard and Tanaya Avenue. Four people were injured and taken to the hospital and one person, a woman, age of 28, had suffered fatal injuries and was later pronounced dead.

Antoinette Stewart, age of 27, who caused the crash showed signs of obvious intoxication and had previous DUI charges.

We are waiting for additional information to be released.
Based on Sacramento DUI law, first offense DUI sentence involves:
Two days of sheriff’s Work Project, a fine is around 2,500 dollars, three years of probation, driver is required to attend driving under influence school and IID installation.
Second offence: driver has to spend four out of ten days in the custody. The remaining period he will spend doing Sheriff’s project work or he will be required to wear ankle monitoring. Fine is around 2,500 dollars, four years of probation. Driver will be required to attend driving under influence school in period of 18 months and IID installation.


Third offence: driver will be sentenced to 120 days, where six days he will spend in custody and the remaining of 114 he will have to use ankle monitoring. Five years of probation, fine is around 2,500 dollars, installation of IID is required. This is helpful link. He will be obligated to go to driving under influence school from 18 to 30 month, his license can be suspended up to 10 years.

It is important to remember that these are some general guidelines and that with the help of good attorney these sentences can be reduced or revoked. For example, driver can choose  to represent him in a case and to have a success.